Two Passions Collide

col·li·sion (k-lzhn) exchange of energy
cui·sine (kw-zn) a characteristic manner or style of preparing food

Chef Julia Michelle

Chef Julia Michelle is a raw/vegan food enthusiast, taking an individualized approach to food preparation. Her client’s experience immediate, positive and transformative effects of her lovingly designed plant-based wholesome meals. 

Her embodied principles are uncomplicated and manifested with power: 

~ Vegan & Raw Food promote a healthy life style ~ 

~Vegan & Raw Food is medicine but need not taste like medicine ~ 

Chef Julia Michelle personifies healthy vibrancy in her life and shares this vitality though her truly inspiring “rawsome” dishes. In bringing her magic & meditation to culinary creations – dynamic flavors, epicurean colors and a farm fresh fare – She is considered by many to be a “Food Alchemist.” 

Her background and experiences include event and production catering, mobile vegetarian food, private chef, home instruction, cleansing, restaurant management commercial food services and hotel management, weddings, private events, farmer’s markets and her famous hand-made “Raw Veggie Crisps.” These Veggie Crisps are renowned on The Big Island of Hawaii. 

She moved toward raw cuisine, cleansing and fasting to improve her own health and now loves living a truly healthy lifestyle incorporating meditation, yoga, Kung Fu, sun-gazing and belly dancing. 

Most importantly she is in love with life, nourishing her own soul-body and preparing for those around her delicious foods. In the event of experiencing her joyous and delectable offerings, it is crystal clear that this is her life’s genuine passion and it puts a sparkle in her eyes. 

A cookbook is also in the works!


Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
License NUE6VGYZ9

University of Amsterdam
Cultural and Language Studies

Languages - English and Dutch

Chef Gage

Chef Gage traveled the world at an early age, with extensive time spent throughout Asia, in particular. There, he was introduced to Vedic philosophy and Ayurvedic cuisine.

Chef Gage’s interest in cooking began in an ashram outside of Bombay, where he assisted in creating large-scale meals for hundreds of attendees.

Later, he studied holistic health. He’s contributed recipes to Ginna Bell Bragg, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon, and secured a position as Chef at the Chopra Center for Well Being in La Jolla, California from 1997 to 1999.

His worldly approach to cuisine and attention to healing properties have earned him a solid reputation as a ‘retreat chef,’ attracting VIP clients such as A-list Hollywood celebrities, renowned social activists, international authors and top financial executives.

His more recent endeavors include corporate catering, retreat consulting in addition to working as Chef-In-Residence at a Peruvian Shamanistic healing center; cooking for a mobile spa sponsored by Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap and developing a forward thinking reality TV show called “Imagine This”.


Cultural Anthropology